The subject is divided into four sections. Prose, Poetry, Writing skills & Drama.

Prose- Is a wonderful blend of essays, short stories, biographical sketches,speeches, articles which will develop a full profile sense of right & wrong in pupils. It also sensitises them to the experience of life which motivates them to express themselves in various forms.

Poetry- Is summarising, appreciation & composition of a few lines of poetry to enhance the joy of learning poetry specially rhythm of language.

Writing Skills- Examples of the various writing skills which are expected to be learnt. Leads the learner towards careers open to them in the field of writing, ICT based learning skills.

Drama- A glimpse of drama, an exciting branch of the literature. Some extracts from popular & loved plays. Encourages study of spoken language, & of contemporary society, art & culture.

      Learning languages with voyaging varieties is one of the most important aspect of any career. Sound prepared base of language is needed to build up any type of career

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