A mentor for English language at Proficient Academy

Adv. Aparna Paranjape

  • MA (English)

  • B.Ed

  • LLB

            Aparna is a lawyer & completing her internship in her field. She has experience of five years in the teaching field. She has handled classes from 5th to the 12th classes with special subject English. She has also given tutelage to students under post-graduation as well as law students.

            Teaching is Aparna's passion. Of course, she has experience of teaching to such students of the varied fields, she expects to share her vibgyor experience with students who are curious & energetic. Aparna plans to teach English to the students of Proficient Academy which will definitely hold their hands to break out their exams and will be with them for the time period to introduce skill-based learning of language to help them express finely using their pens and spoken words.

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Maharashtra, India