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Proficient Academy is an e-learning platform. It has been founded to give the best possible education and results in the field of commerce.

Proficient Academy is an online portal for education where online lessons are provided for students opting Commerce stream after SSC.

Here at proficient academy, we believe in the motto:-

"If you are hungry for knowledge, the content will be delivered at your screens."



"Learning a new language is always tough. We are so engrossed in our mother tongue and its principles that it gets tough to accept any new concepts of the language. But as challenging it can be, it sure is worth it.

I also had 'learning a foreign language' in my bucket list for a long time. Having done an internship in Germany and while working in a German organization, I got acquainted with the German culture and learned a word or two in the language. That cultivated in me an interest related to the German language.
So, I enrolled in a German Language A1 level course where Miss Gayatri Desai was our assigned tutor. Having done her BA in the German language, she has a strong understanding of the language which is evident in her teaching methods. She made the course real fun for novices like us. Being a millennial herself, she understands the learning capacities of our generation and alters her teaching style and pace suitably for the group. The classes had plenty of group exercises and experience sharing along with the relevant assignments. The whole experience was a great one and led me to pass the Goethe Certificate exam with flying colors.

Learning the language not just opened many doors for me related to higher studies in Germany but also helped me gain new perspectives about a totally different culture. Learning a new language can be difficult, but the rewards it assures are much more gratifying."

Sarthak Bhutani

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